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Energy Optimization and Renewable Energy Annual Summary Report

2015 Energy Optimization and Renewable Energy Annual Summary Report

Pursuant to 2008 Public Act 295 (PA 295), the Zeeland BPW is providing this annual summary of our Energy Optimization (EO) and Renewable Energy (REP) Plans for calendar year 2015.

The Act requires Zeeland BPW to assist our customers in gaining energy efficiencies and to develop plans which enable the BPW to provide a portion of our community’s energy needs from renewable energy sources. This report highlights our efforts in 2015 as well as our 2016 goals.

Energy Optimization

The Zeeland BPW took the following actions to comply with the State EO standards:

  • For residential customers, provided incentives for energy efficient HVAC upgrades, collected and offered rebates for old refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and window AC’s. We also offered through the Energy Smart program rebates on a variety of Energy Star approved LED light bulbs, appliances and electronic products at In 2016 we will continue these same programs.
  • For business customers, incentives were offered for installation of energy efficient lighting, compressed air equipment (VSD compressors & Thremal Mass Air Dryers) compressed air audits & leak repairs, occupancy sensors and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).
  • We worked with Franklin Energy to provide energy efficient lights and Energy Smart appliances to our low income customers.
  • We continued to test newer technologies such as LED street lights.


PROGRAM2015 kWh goal2015 kWh saved 2016 kWh goal2015 Spent2016 Budget
Low Income50,79855,93650,798$15,108$15,108
New Technologies63,26035,63363,260$5,630$10,385
Admin/Evaluation N/AN/AN/A$11,789$41,541
Renewable Energy

The Zeeland BPW took the following actions to comply with the State REP standards:

  • Continued to receive the total electrical output from the Autumn Hills Landfill Gas Generating Station. Additional generation was added this year when fuel was available.
  • The BPW owned Helder Park Wind Turbines continue to produce energy directly onto our distribution system.
  • The BPW has also contracted with the Beebe Wind Farm operated by Exelon Wind in Ithaca, Michigan, for an additional 2.281 MW of renewable wind energy.

The total renewable energy supplied to our system during the year was 12,437,716 kWh from landfill gas and 6,822,132 kWh from wind. These renewables contributed 5.0% of our total system needs. The Zeeland BPW also purchased 8,569 Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) for use in the 2015 compliance year to meet the annual renewable energy requirement.

PA 295 Section 45 (45)

a) The 2015 itemized monthly charge to a residential customer for implementing the Energy Optimization program requirements was $1.00 per month.

b) The average electric residential customer is expected to save $4.04 each month of the Energy Optimization program life.

c) For the average Michigan residential customer, renewable energy is estimated to avoid $3.15 per month of new coal fired generation costs.

d) The Michigan Public Service Commission’s annual reports on energy optimization and renewable energy can be viewed at the following website: