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Community Grant Program Policy and Application – DEADLINE EXTENDED!


The Zeeland Board of Public Works (BPW) has been an efficient, low cost provider of electricity and water services for Zeeland and surrounding areas since 1902. We have a strong tradition of dedicated City Council and Board of Commissioner leadership, along with work forces who have been excellent stewards of the City’s utility infrastructure. The BPW’s Values are Integrity, Respect, Service, Innovation, Relationships, Stewardship, Family-oriented, and Operational Excellence. These Values are reflective of the culture of the Zeeland community.

Zeeland is where Industry, Business, Civic Entities, and Residents work together for the good of the community.  At the BPW, we understand that when the community of Zeeland thrives, it’s truly powerful! This is why the BPW has a long-standing tradition of providing monetary and in-kind support where we live, work, and play. We are dedicated to ensuring that Zeeland thrives for generations to come and are pleased to support the Zeeland community in numerous ways including:

  • Financial and technical support to utility customers for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Sponsorship and in-kind support of festivals such as Pumpkinfest, Downtown Trick or Treat, and the Tree Lighting Ceremony and Magical Christmas Parade
  • BPW Power Dollars
  • Financial support to the City of Zeeland, Zeeland Charter Township, and Holland Charter Township
  • Financial support to Lakeshore Advantage
  • Energy education for students in local schools
  • Internships
  • Sponsorship of numerous Zeeland community activities
  • Sponsorship of numerous local schools activities
  • Infrastructure renewal, replacement, and relocation for streetscape beautification
  • Financial assistance to utility customers in need

Through these efforts, the BPW has invested over $500,000 annually in supporting the Zeeland community. The BPW is committed to remaining the most efficient, low cost utility provider in the area for another 100 years. We are also steadfast in our commitment of support to the community in which we serve.

In addition to the above listed community support, the BPW offers grant funding up to $25,000 annually (subject to approval) to invest in projects and strategies such as:

  • Water and energy efficiency, conservation, and education
  • Environmental education
  • Safety education
  • Utility career opportunities
  • Arts and culture
  • Health and wellness
  • Parks and recreation
  • Improvement and enhancement of the community served by the Zeeland Board of Public Works.

The Community Grant Program application deadline date is published on the Community Grant Program Application.  Grant applications are reviewed and approved by the Board of Commissioners of the Zeeland Board of Public Works (Board). The Board will meet in July (subject to change) to vote on applications.  Applicants are notified of the Board’s decision by email within thirty (30) days after the board meeting. If selected to receive grant funding, the applicant shall submit a final report at the conclusion of the project. The completed project must identify Zeeland Board of Public Works as a project sponsor. This is a reimbursement grant.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations that are tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, schools, municipalities and other governmental entities served by either the electric or water utility of the Zeeland Board of Public Works.

Requests for the following purposes are eligible for consideration:

  • Capital – Funding for purposes of constructing new facilities, remodeling, expansions of existing facilities or equipment purchases
  • New programs for one-time or ongoing expenses – Funding for organizations to implement specific programs for the first time, including startup costs and costs that will occur repeatedly
  • Existing programs for one-time expenses – Funding for investments in specific ongoing programs that will not need to be made on a regular basis such as equipment, furnishings and other reusable materials

Requests for the following purposes are not eligible to apply for funding through the Community Grant Program:

  • Operating support – Funding for the day-to-day costs of running organizations
  • Existing programs for ongoing expenses – Funding for the day-to-day operating costs of existing programs
  • Capital projects outside of the Zeeland Board of Public Works service area
  • Emergency requests for ongoing expenses – Funding for repeatedly occurring organizational or program costs that have experienced a sudden or unexpected loss of funding from another source
  • Funding for individuals, individual scholarships, political organizations or campaigns, labor or veterans’ programs, fraternal orders, social clubs, debt-reduction, sports tournaments, talent or beauty contests, loans for small business, or religious programs that advocate specific religious doctrines or do not serve the broader community
  • Free electric or water services or relocation of utility infrastructure

Additional details are provided in the downloadable Community Grant Program Policy document and Application document (fillable PDF).

(Optional downloadable “print and complete” Application document)

To apply, complete the Community Grant Program Application form and submit by the published deadline via email to, indicate “Community Grant Program” in the subject line, OR via USPS or drop-off to: Zeeland Board of Public Works, ATTN: Community Grant Program, 350 E. Washington Avenue, Zeeland, MI 49464. Questions? Call 616-772-6212.


2020  Zeeland Recreation (Zeeland Public Schools) – Huizenga Park Little League Softball Diamond Sponsorship

2020  Zeeland Charter Township – Equip Fire Rescue Off-Road Vehicle

2019  Zeeland Public Schools – Electric Bus Charging Stations

2018   City of Zeeland – Elm Street Park Development

2017  City of Zeeland – Fire Rescue Paramedic Cart Sponsorship

2017  City of Zeeland- Elm Street Park Development

2016    West Michigan Airport Authority – Energy Efficient Windows

2016    Zeeland Charter Township/Drenth Grove Community Association – Playground Equipment and park enhancements

2015    City of Zeeland  – Splashpad

2014    City of Zeeland  –  Splashpad

2013    City of Zeeland  – Splashpad

2012  City of Zeeland – Centennial Industrial Park Land Purchase

2010    Holland Charter Township – Helder Park Improvements

2010     Zeeland Charter Township – Gordon J. Ellens Park Gazebo

2009 City of Zeeland  – Lawrence Street Park Lights

2008 City of Zeeland Vande Luyster Square Fountain Restoration

2007 Zeeland Public Schools – New Groningen School Improvements

Zeeland Public Schools – Wind Turbine at Zeeland High School

Macatawa Greenway Trees

Huizenga Park Pavilion

Michigan Street Tot Lot