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Community Grant Sponsorship Policy and Application

The Zeeland Board of Public Works, within the constraints of its approved budget, will annually consider making contributions totaling $25,000 for projects that meet all of the following guidelines:

  • Grants shall be for projects which are sponsored by a local governmental unit within the Zeeland Board or Public Works water and/or electric service areas.
  • Eligible governmental units include: City of Zeeland, Holland Charter Township, Zeeland Charter Township and Zeeland Public Schools, ETC.
  • All projects must:


  1.   Be a capital project that could be utilized by residents.  For Example, a park or recreational project; or
  2.   Enhance area quality of life by promoting items such as: recreation, student  activities, energy conservation, energy education, utility career opportunities, etc.:
  3.   Generally benefit a large number of people; and,
  4.   Be for one-time and not ongoing programs.


  • Projects will not include funds for individuals, direct scholarships, political parties, organizations or activities, religious organizations, student trips, or national or international organizations.
  • There is not a requirement that grants be made to each local governmental unit, or that grants be rotated sequentially among local governmental units.
  • All project awards must first be nominated by the Sponsorship Committee, be recommended by the Board of Public Works and must be approved by the Zeeland City Council.


To apply, applicants should submit a letter detailing their project to the Zeeland Board of Public Works, ATTN: General Manager, 350 E. Washington Ave., Zeeland MI.   49464.




2018   City of Zeeland – Elm Street Park Development

2017  City of Zeeland – Fire Rescue Paramedic Cart Sponsorship

2017  City of Zeeland- Elm Street Park Development

2016    West Michigan Airport Authority – Energy Efficient Windows

2016    Zeeland Charter Township/Drenth Grove Community Association – Playground Equipment and park enhancements

2015    City of Zeeland  – Splashpad

2014    City of Zeeland  –  Splashpad

2013    City of Zeeland  – Splashpad

2012  City of Zeeland – Centennial Industrial Park Land Purchase

2010    Holland Charter Township – Helder Park Improvements

2010     Zeeland Charter Township – Gordon J. Ellens Park Gazebo

2009 City of Zeeland  – Lawrence Street Park Lights

2008 City of Zeeland Vande Luyster Square Fountain Restoration

2007 Zeeland Public Schools – New Groningen School Improvements

Zeeland Public Schools – Wind Turbine at Zeeland High School

Macatawa Greenway Trees

Huizenga Park Pavilion

Michigan Street Tot Lot