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Billing FAQs

When will I receive my bill and when is it due?

All billing statements are calculated and printed on the first of each month. You should receive your bill in the mail a few days after it it processed. Payment due dates are on the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment due date will be on the next business day.

Is my usage estimated or an actual meter reading?

Your monthly usage is calculated from an actual meter reading. We strive to keep usage calculations as accurate as possible. In rare cases where usage must be estimated, we use an average of the previous months to best approximate the total usage charges.

Can I pay online with a credit card or e-check?

Yes! By clicking on the “Pay Options” button in the upper right hand corner of the home page, you will be directed to our online payment processing web page. Click on “Pay Now” to make a payment or, if you have not previously registered your account on the online payment processing site, click on “Register Now” to create your online account which will enable use of the online payment processing feature. You will need to have your utility account number handy to use the online payment processing portal. Fees are waved due to COVID-19..

I received a disconnect notice- what am I to do? Who can help me if I don’t have the money to pay?

If you receive a disconnect notice, please pay close attention to the amounts and payment dates listed in the letter. The letter will specify how much is needed by a particular date. If payment is not received on time, you will be scheduled for disconnection. If you are unable to submit the payment, please contact us as we may be able to help you with a payment arrangement or direct you to an agency for financial assistance.

Can I receive a bill that is the same amount every month?

Customers may sign-up for the Budget Program in November and December. Accounts must be at least one year old and paid up to date in order to enroll. Budgets payments are equal to 110% of the average monthly bill. November is reconciliation month requiring all outstanding balances to be paid in full prior to continuing the program. You will find the Budget Sign-Up Form by selecting “Pay Options” at the top of the home page. Completed forms are due to the BPW office no later than December 20th each year.

Can I sign up for automatic payments each month?

Monthly balances are automatically deducted from a checking or savings account on the due date each month. Accounts must be paid in full to begin this program. Customers will receive a bill each month marked “AUTOMATIC PAYMENT – DO NOT PAY.” The form is found under the “Pay Options” button in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Go to the “Automatic Payments” section to download the ACH Payment form. Please include a voided check or deposit slip with the form to the BPW office. There are no fees for ACH payments.

Does my account number change when I move?

Account numbers are specific to service addresses. Therefore, if you move to another service address your account number WILL change. This is especially important to know if you make payments through online banking or other electronic processes.

Do I need to submit the remittance portion of my bill with payment?

We recommend submitting the remittance (upper) portion of your bill along with payment. This enables us to post payments to your account more timely and accurately. It also ensures the correct account number is associated with your payment.

Where does the Zeeland Board of Public Works provide utility service?

Electric: The Zeeland Board of Public Works may legally serve in the City of Zeeland and is franchised to serve in Zeeland and Holland Township.

Water: The Zeeland Board of Public Works serves in the City of Zeeland and in an area of Zeeland Township in accordance with a 425 Agreement between Zeeland and Zeeland Township

How do the Zeeland Board of Public Works rates compare?

Electric: The Board of Public Works Electric rates are among the lowest in Michigan. Residential rates for 1,000 kilowatt-hours of monthly usage is nearly 40 percent lower than that of Consumer’s Energy.

Water: The Board of Public Works Water rates are very comparable with other local water systems.

How are Zeeland electric rates established?

Unlike investor-owned utilities, our rates are not set or regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission. They are established by our governing body, our Board of Commissioners. The ZBPW Board of Commissioners is made up of five Zeeland residents, each appointed for a four-year term on the board by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.

Meetings of the Board of Commissioners are open to the public and are held every month, usually on the third Tuesday. The meetings are held at 3:30 p.m. at the Board of Public Works Offices, located at 350 East Washington Ave, Zeeland, MI, 49464.

How many customers does the Zeeland Board of Public Works serve?

For the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2019, customer statistics are as follows:

Electric Customers

Electric Customers by Location

Water Customers

Water Customers by Location