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Net Metering

The purpose of Net Metering Schedule NM Service Rider is to enable Zeeland Board of Public Works (ZBPW) customers who generate electricity using qualified renewable energy sources to connect to the ZBPW’s electric distribution system and to send electricity back to the electric grid at times when their on-site generation exceeds their own use.

Click on the following to link to download a copy the ZBPW Schedule NM Service Rider.

Schedule NM Service Rider

A customer that installs renewable energy generation connected to operate in parallel with the ZBPW electric system may be eligible to participate in the Net Metering Program. As a participant in the Net Metering program the customer can receive credit as specified in the “NET METERING SCHEDULE NM SERVICE RIDER” for energy supplied to the ZBPW system, in accordance with the Net Metering Program guidelines. Customers interested in participating in the ZBPW Net Metering Program should contact the Electric T&D Manager at 616-772-6212 for information.

The document entitled “Generator Interconnection Requirements” applies generally to large interconnection applications.  The document entitled “Expedited Generator Interconnection Requirements” applies to smaller interconnection applications such as Residential solar. Click on the following links to access the these documents.

Generator Interconnection Requirements

Expedited Generator Interconnection Requirements