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Meter Read Change

Meter Read Change – Advanced Meters 

We have recently upgraded, or will soon be upgrading, your electric and/or water meter. The previous practice of manual meter reading will be replaced with an automated, remote reading process that enables Zeeland BPW to issue utility bills closer to when your actual monthly usage occurred. What this means to you is that your meter read dates may have changed. Therefore, your very first bill following your meter upgrade may be higher and may reflect the previous delay in billing.

Please Know:

  • This will only occur on the first invoice after your meter is upgraded.
  • You will not be billed for any more or any less usage than actually consumed.


If you encounter a financial hardship due to the modification of meter read dates on this invoice, a payment plan is available. Please complete the form below or call us at 616.772.6212 to start this process. 

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