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Zeeland BPW Embraces “Learning For Life” with Students

Zeeland Board of Public Works (BPW) team members, Bob Mulder, Electric Power Supply & Market Operations Manager, and Brian Coots, Electric Transmission & Distribution Manager, visited a group of enthusiastic 3rd graders to share their expertise at the end of the 2023/24 school year. The learning opportunity, designed to align with the school district’s “Learning for Life” slogan, featured a blend of activities and presentations, capturing the students’ imaginations and igniting their interest in renewable energy.

Their visit was part of a broader initiative by Zeeland BPW to integrate educational opportunities to the community, especially young students. The event showcased the practical and exciting aspects of renewable energy, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices in everyday life. The students participated in hands-on activities that illustrated how renewable energy works and why it is essential for their future.

“We believe that engaging with the community, especially young minds, is vital to fostering a culture of sustainability,” said Brian Coots. “By sharing our knowledge and excitement for renewable energy, we hope to inspire the next generation to think critically about how we produce and consume energy.”

In addition to this recent presentation, Zeeland BPW has been actively involved in the local school district throughout the school year including various team members participating in Reading Month by reading to various classes, bringing stories to life and emphasizing the importance of reading.

“We are committed to playing an active role in our community,” said Bob Mulder. “By partnering with schools and investing in educational activities, we hope to make a lasting impact on both our environment and our youth.”

Zeeland BPW looks forward to continuing its educational outreach and strengthening its relationship with the local school district for years to come.

Students raising their hands during presentation at local elementary school Students listen to presentation by Zeeland BPW team members