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Drinking Water Week Essay Contest Winner

Essay Topic: “ Why is safe drinking water important to our community?”

Julian R.   12th Grade   Zeeland West High School

Healthy drinking water is important to have in a community because it is the most important thing that we can put inside of our bodies. Unfortunately, most drinking water is full of micro plastics or possible bacteria like E coli. When enough is ingested, it will lead to negative health impacts like illness and infections.

On average, a person ingests a credit card amount of plastic in one week. Microplastics are a problem because they are so small that filters can’t catch them, so some plastics will enter our pipes and eventually get in our food and water. According to the National Library of Medicine, microplastics can “affect the human body by stimulating the release of endocrine disruptors[,]” which will negatively affect the hormones in our bodies.

Healthy drinking water is important because it’s an essential part of our everyday life, whether it’s brushing our teeth, making our food, or cleaning ourselves we use water for everything. That is why it is of utmost importance that our water is the best quality that it can be. Clean water is healthy water and is key to a happy and healthy community.

If we ingest a credit card amount of plastic a week, think about how much we will ingest over a lifetime. Clean water is vital for a community because what we put into our bodies now will have an everlasting impact on not only our health, but the health of the future generation of our community.